Life at Bell Minor

Life at Bell Minor

You want the best for those who mean the most.

Your loved ones will experience a renewal on life at Bell Minor Home. Not only will they interact with great nursing professionals, enjoy customized health care services, have access to the resources they need, and relax in our comfortable facility… they’ll have fun! This is not your great-grandmother’s nursing home – you’ll see the difference!

Your loved ones will have nearly all of the comforts of home at Bell Minor Home, plus much, much more…

  • Exciting social events are designed to keep them engaged with family &  friends.
  • Faith based services are scheduled to keep them spiritually fulfilled and optimistic.
  • Physical fitness and exercise periods help them rehabilitate and keep them strong.
  • Music, crafts and creative activities lift their spirits and sharpen their minds.
  • Dining and diet are prepared and portioned for taste, health & nutritional value.
  • Entertainment resources include movies, books, audio and video for their pleasure.


They will love it here!